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Service work closely around the needs of users, all for the sake of users. "Want to in front of the user, in the. "The development of strict service norms, the establishment of a high standard service system, carry forward the" hard I, warm million home "service spirit," if I were a user, I think ", place oneself in others’position for the sake of users. Through the thoughtful and meticulous work, to humanity, moved by the type of service, to provide a full range of professional "affection" service for the customer, lets the user the carefree, happy consumption.

Service three big characteristics
The whole process: high standards of service includes the whole process from the early research, consulting service to customer service, and through the upgrading of products, to become integrated service rising, to ensure that users feel at ease to use the company’s products.

The full participation: the company establish a "second tier for the first service, all for customer service" idea, all the staff participate in the process of production and services are held responsible attitude, make sure to carry out each item of work in accordance with the perfect service requirements.

The personalized service: according to different customer types, the mode of service differentiation, personalized to meet customer demand.